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@ FOCUS NUSANTARA: Cicilan 0% 6 Bulan untuk tas kamera "thinkTANK"

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Author Message

Hartono Kurniawan Halim (941)
Be Ready \"Before the Moment\"
Think Tank Photo is a professional photography equipment manufacturer, creating innovative camera bags, camera cases, photo backpacks and beltpacks for Professional Photographers that use digital SLR cameras. By designing camera bags for speed and accessibility, we prepare a photographer to Be Ready \"Before The Moment.\"
Our Design Philosophy is simple: We listen to photographers only. Not sales people. Not marketing people. No Politics. No compromises. We listen to photographers and work with them to create inventive new carrying solutions, focusing on Digital SLR System Speed and Accessibility.
The needs of photographers actually direct our product development schedule. A good example of this is the new Modulus Speed System.
Our \"No Compromise\" Philosophy, combined with our \"Tao of Innovation,\" means that when we determine the features of a product we don\'t make any compromises in design or quality. If Photographers can benefit from new features, we put them in the product (like our Seam Sealed Raincovers that are included with almost every bag).
We\'re also obsessed about the details, what we call \"The Last 3%.\" This is because these details are the difference between an average and an excellent product. Like the YKK Zippers that we use inside and out on all of our products, or the fact that we have a \"No PVC\" design policy.
Our \"No Rhetoric Warranty\" cuts through the clutter of most warranties and tells you the truth about manufacturers, bags, and their warranties.
Our Cause as a company is simple: the Protection of Photographers to travel and take pictures without being wounded, attacked, or imprisoned for doing their job.
Ultimately, this process is about Supporting Photographers by designing great products for them and meeting the ever-changing needs of their equipment.

Focus Nusantara telah ditunjuk secara resmi sebagai penyalur produk-produk ThinkTank ( www.thinktankphoto.com ) di Indonesia.
Dalam masa perkenalan, kami mengadakan promo Cicilan 0% 6 bulan untuk setiap pembelian produk ini dengan menggunakan kartu kredit Visa/Master Citibank atau HSBC.
Promo ini berlangsung dari tanggal 16 s/d 30 Juni 2009.

Terdapat berbagai macam tas kamera ThinkTank berkualitas tinggi sbb:
- Backpack : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/backpacks.php
- Shoulder Bags : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/shoulder.php
- Digital Holsters : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/digital_holsters.php
- Belt Packs : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/belt_packs.php
- Tripod & Monopod Cases : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/tripod_monopod_cases.php
- Laptop Cases : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/laptop_cases.php
- Modular / Skin Components : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/modular_skin_components.php
- Other Products & Accessories : http://www.focusnusantara.com/product_store/other_products_accessories.php

Untuk dapat mengetahui kualitas produk ini dengan lebih jelas, silahkan mengunjungi kami di:

Jl. K.H. Hasyim Ashari No.18 (d/h. Jl. Kemakmuran).
Jakarta Pusat
Peta Lokasi: http://www.focusnusantara.com/contact/
Tel : +62 21 633-9002
Jam Buka : Senin s/d Jumat : 09.30 s/d. 19.30
Sabtu & Minggu : 09.30 s/d. 17.00

Focus Nusantara

Hartono K. Halim

2009-06-16 00:47:25

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